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The idea for 一起PLAY comes from the performance exhibition – Dance Perspectives - which we developed in March 2022 incollaboration with choreographer Guo Rui and Macanese art institution T Theater. It invited visitors to experience dance practices from both local and international artists. In this work, international and global were mostly referring to European and American sensibilities, and it left us both with the desire to situate the work in a different network of circulation. 一起PLAY therefore invites artists from the Canton area to focus on a landscape of practices specific to this area.

By bringing together artists,  一起PLAY asks the question how do we come together despite our different choreographic practices and experiences as artists?  


During the process the artists met in and through their respective artistic practices with the intention to encounter each other through play, dance and discussion, but also with the intention to support one another in this exploration. This performance therefore invites the audience to experience the real encounter of the artists, the reality of their choreographic practices but also the potential fictions, narratives, imaginaries tied to their encounter. 

Concept & Artistic direction: Alexandre Achour Collaboration & Creative Production:  Rui GUO

Performance with and by: Hui WU, Nada CHAN, Cynthia Kuan Pou LEONG, Yijie CHEN & Rui GUO

With the artistic participation of: Teng Teng LAM, Chloe Lok Yiu LO

Lighting Design: Calvin LAP

Producer/Manager: Wengkei CHONG

Coordination: Ningdan ZHU

Consultations: Saša Asentić

Production: T Theater, Macau 


Funded by: Fundo de Desenvolvimento da Cultura, Global Exchange program of the Senate Department for Culture and Community

Supported  by the French Institute of Canton and the Time Museum of Guangzhou

Alexandre Achour

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