The Imperial Persona of the artist consists of written testimonies and conversations, in exchange with contemporary dance artists. I start the correspondence by writing a letter to them, departing specifically from a situation that we experienced together. Each correspondent is asked to write back with their own perspective. The point is to focus our attention on what systems of violence framed that experience, and how we separately or together suffered within and were implicated by those systems.


Ariella Aïsha Azoulay in her book Unlearning Imperialism examines art as a field of imperial intervention. The Imperial Persona of the Artist is an attempt to grasp imperial legacies, attitudes and principles in the dance field. Each testimony departs from the personal, in order to reflect on the meta-narratives and structures that we work for, with or against... The testimonies account for different contexts and create a space to share affective and emotional states, as well as the embodied (imperial) structures that haunt our practices.



Correspondence with

Guo Rui

Setareh Fatehi

Lola Maury

Ming Poon

Supported by Zürich University of the Arts (ZHdK) through the program PEERS



Alexandre Achour