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Live Action Role Playing Games (LARP) is a type of role-playing game in which participants act-out scenarios. Depending on the kind of scenarios that structure the game and roles that are embodied, as well as the set goals, LARPs can serve as a micro-stage for world-building and examining social relations. The main question in this workshop will be: how can we, through dance and play, point to a critical examination of oppressive mechanisms in our society using contemporary dance as an example, i.e. as a field of social and creative interactions?

This workshop will use methodologies from LARP intertwined with choreographic, dance and body practices in order to create performative and discursive frames to address hegemonic structures in contemporary dance, and to understand their impact on the body and mind of participants in dance both as artists and citizens.

Workshop leaders: Alexandre Achour, Saša Asentić

Institut für Theatertherapie - Summer Conference 2023 - Remscheid - Germany


Alexandre Achour

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