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Teen Spirit

Teen Spirit
Teen Spirit

Concept and Choreography: Alexandre Achour

With the dance students of MUDA Kunstencentrum: Nona Gloria, Liselotte Poppe, Amber Bosteels, Hüsniye Tirpan, Lana Van Rumst, Kika Vens, Ester Nemegheer, Noa Smolders, Mauranne De Pauw,Romy Meiresonne, Freke Casteels, Emmelien Chemouny 

Production: MUDA Kunstencentrum


How did youngsters dance in the past? What do we remember about dreams, wishes, desires, rebellion of these dancing bodies? Do we dance today (only) for fun, or is there something more to our dance? 

We looked into different youth subcultures throughout the 20th century that embodied - through music and dance - their ideas of how the world should look like. Teen Spirit is the result of the three weeks we spent together dancing, learning, having fun, discussing and imagining these dances anew.




Cultuurcentrum Evergem-Stroming - Belgium

23rd - 24th March 2017


Teen Spirit

Alexandre Achour

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