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Workshop based on Dis_Sylphide

Saša Asentić

Alexandre Achour


During this workshop, we work on choreographic, performative and discursive analysis of three seminal choreographies from German dance history:


M. Wigman “Hexentanz II” (1926) 

P. Bausch “Kontakthof” (1978) 

X.Le Roy “SelfUnfinished” (1998) 


Each day we focus on one of these choreographies, and we work on developing different methods of appropriation starting from each choreographic works' specific concept of dance and body. We also critically examine the choreographic procedures and modes of production behind these works in order to make them politically relevant in the context in which this encounter takes place and in the wider context of the structuration processes of the actual contemporary dance scene.



Justus Liebig University - Gießen

16th - 17th November 2018

Alexandre Achour

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