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Expressions of dance - when did we become contemporary?

Self-expression is essential in the development of contemporary dance in China in terms of the making and receiving of dance. How to understand self-expression in performance? How to understand expression in performance? How do they manifest and under which forms?


In Chinese traditional folk dances the body is always a plural, a group, working together to shape the space, working towards sameness, expressing the common. In contemporary dance the body is uniqueness, individual, original, expressing the intimate. The performance is a series of dances, expressions of this duality, traditional and contemporary, east and west, the common and the intimate.

Concept and Choreography: Alexandre Achour and Guo Rui

Light Designer: Low Shee Hoe

Dancers: Yu Lijun, He Min, Belinda Zwang, Zhang Conjoin, Shen Wanying, Peng Mi, Li Pianpian, Zhang Xuefeng, Wang Yue, Liu Qingyu, Chen Yijie, Hu Tenteng, Fu Binjing

Production: Guangdong Modern Dance Company

Alexandre Achour

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