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Alexandre Achour

Alexandre Achour is an Arab-Jew from Algeria, born in France in 1982. He grew up in France and Spain, studied in the UK and Germany and he now lives in Berlin. He works as a choreographer and performer in the field of contemporary arts, disability arts and art education.

As a choreographer he has developed his work in different collaborative settings both for theatre and exhibition spaces. With non-disabled artist Saša Asentić he co-directs work that toured in Germany, Japan, Serbia, Romania and France. In collaboration with non-disabled Chinese artist Guo Rui he works in Macao and China, and with disabled artists Natalija Vladisavljević and Dalibor Šandor he collaborated in Serbia. 


Throughout these collaborations he developed his practice based on the idea of choreographing without center, which are choreographic models of work and presentation that decenter singular perspectives and aesthetics. Decentering as a choreographic concept, denotes a will to implement a counter-hegemonic framework based on support amongst social and artistic subjects of the independent contemporary dance scene. He uses Live Action Role-Playing Games (larp) as a means to experiment and develop this practice. The artistic project "Choreographic Games" (Berlin, 2023) gathered larp designers and dance artists to explore the intersection between choreography and larp. The performance "Harmonias" (Berlin, 2023) explored Hindustani, Arabic, African American, Moluccan and Balkan harmonic views with the idea to engage with a poly-phonic, poly-cultural, and poly-authorial process. 

He was in 2021-22 artistic research fellow of the pre-PhD programme PEERS from Zürich University of the Arts (ZHdK). He was in 2018 a fellow of the Pina Bausch foundation. He was artist in residence in K3 – Zentrum für Choreographie | Tanzplan Hamburg, PACT Zollverein and Foundation Boghossian. His work was supported by the cultural programme of the European Union through the Project « Life Long Burning », Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Senate Department for Culture and Community, Fonds Darstellende Künste, the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media in the NEUSTART KULTUR program. He holds an MA in choreography from Hochschule übergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin. He graduated from a Bachelor of Arts from London Contemporary Dance School and a Bachelor of Biology from Université Claude Bernard Lyon, France. As a performer and artistic collaborator, he has worked with Tino Sehgal, Xavier Le Roy, Luísa Saraiva, Jonas Woltemate, Annick Charlot, Monica Antezana, Shang-Chi Sun.

Alexandre Achour

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