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Saša Asentić
Alexandre Achour



NAVE - Santiago de Chile

19th - 23rd of November 2018


During this workshop we invite our fellow artists from Chile to gather around two research focuses. In the first one, we examine and discuss about their concrete working conditions, means of production, artistic concerns, and modes of organization in order to think together about specific strategies, procedures and methods, which would support the creation of new dance formats that would reflect material conditions of the artists and participants of the Laboratory. In the second research focus, we analyze, in terms of social choreography, the actual powers and mechanisms​ that structure the dance scene in Chile, as well as its relation with the international contemporary dance scene today. Furthermore, we will look together into dance practices from the past that historically influenced dance as an art form in Chile. 

Based on all these research interests we will work with each participant on creating notes, sketches and drafts of their “own private bio-politics” which could be used for further performative, choreographic or discursive work in their artistic practices.

Alexandre Achour

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