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It’s obvious: life in the (neo) liberal world is founded on the concepts of political and personal freedom. Or is it? How could we live without these concepts? Under certain circumstances do they actually have nothing to do with individuality, personal rights and private property? A team of artists, theorists and cultural activists working in Serbia and Germany offers no answers to these questions, rather they invite us to a discursive practice in a staged cabinet of political wonders. Here, influential speeches of the 20th and 21st centuries expand the meaning of personal and political freedom. As a counter movement to the general trend of museumisation of choreography, this heterotopia contrasts voices, bodies and images that would have been incompatible elsewhere. Whomever enters is invited to pose undisciplined questions.  

Concept: Ana Vujanović

Co-authors: Saša Asentić, Siniša Ilić, Marta Popivoda, Ana Vujanović 

Dancers: Alexandre Achour, Kristin Schaw Minges

Contortionist: Santeri Koivisto

Live painting act: Siniša Ilić

Performers: Saša Asentić, Marta Popivoda and Ana Vujanović

Collaboration on choreography: Alexandre Achour

Dramaturgy assistant: Heike Bröckerhoff

Rehearsal director: Olivera Kovačević Crnjanski

Video editor: Jelena Maksimović

Production assistant: Luisa Perrone

Production manager: Alexandra Wellensiek

Production: Saša Asentić and Ana Vujanović in co-production with Kampnagel and Teatr Polski Bydgoszcz

Alexandre Achour

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