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I've Got You
Shelly Nadashi
Alexandre Achour


How its audience is being treated is how a work of art positions itself socially and intellectually. Taking this statement as a starting point, this two days' workshop will evolve around questions of spectatorship and audience participation. Looking at these issues both historically and from our own living experience, we would aim to engage participants both practically and theoretically in questions concerning the nature of audience involvement, whether in the theatre, the museum, or elsewhere. Alexandre's recent project was a research into a number of subversive participatory performances from the 20th century, their choreographic principles and concepts of the audience, as well as the state of mind they originally produced in the public space where they were shown. He will share some of the materials from the research and performance. Shelly will introduce two artworks that relate to the connection between the act of consuming culture and the social context in which this "culture" is placed. Namely, Marcel Duchamp's Étant Donnés and Elaine Sturtevant's The House of Horror.



Impulstanz - Vienna

5th - 6th August 2016

Alexandre Achour

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