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« Object 1 » is part of a series of performances that examined some of the constituent elements of the theatre apparatus such as light, music, space, with the aim to develop a further understanding of their role in interacting with the performance and audience. 


The project started from an invitation by Rainer Schöbe to create a choreographic work for the presentation of his musical composition Danse Macabre in Alte Aula Handelsschule, Leipzig. The performance plays with the role of music in relation to choreography and how they can support each other by being autonomous in terms of space, time and performativity.  

Concept & Choreography: Alexandre Achour

Performers:  Angela Muñoz Martinez, Griorgia Minisini

Composition: Rainer Schöbe

Conductor: Nikolas Nägele

Musicians: Ensemble Forma Leipzig 

Mentor: Ingo Reuleke

Coproduction: Hohschule übergreifendes Zentrum Tanz, Hochschule für Schauspielkunst “Ernst Busch” Berlin

WERDEN BESTEHEN VERGEHEN zeitgenössischer Tanz und Neue Musik, Alte Handelsschule - Leipzig, Germany


Alexandre Achour

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