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« Speaking about the ghost » tells the stories of radical and subversive participatory artistic performances from the past. However we venture into a different realm of participation – one that intrudes the audience’s mind, like ghosts the stories invade their bodies. The audience, possessed, reconstructs images of past and some even forgotten participatory performances. The dead monster - the long forgotten participation that mattered lies in its grave, but its haunting spirit takes our audience by surprise, moved and affected, the audience after all is a participant, that helps to turn the theatre into a haunted house.

Artistic direction: Alexandre Achour

Artistic Collaboration: Saša Asentić, Heike Bröckerhoff

Collaboration on the concept and dramaturgy:  Ana Vujanović

Performers: Saša Asentić, Verena Brakoner, Helen Schröder

Texts written by: Alexandre Achour, Saša Asentić, Heike Bröckerhoff, Milan Marković, Helen Schröder, Ana Vujanović, and excerpts from the poem "Rhythm 0" by Emily Hoffman

Light Designer: Dennis Döscher 

Production: K3 – Zentrum für Choreographie | Tanzplan Hamburg

Supported by: Hamburgische Kulturstiftung

Alexandre Achour

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