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Still Untitled will take the form of sculptures embodied and presented by human beings to other human beings. It’s something to share with others. They are encounters occurring when one of them decides to present it to visitors of their choice. These sculptures will multiply and appear at any time, in any space, along the 3 months of « Skulpture Projecte Münster 2017 ». Maybe many will stay imperceptible, maybe they will spread and grow like a virus or developed into a rumor.

by Xavier Le Roy

developed with Scarlet Yu

in collaboration with: Alexandre Achour, Susanne Griem, Zeina Hanna, Sabine Huzickiewiz, Laura Mareen Lagermann, Alexander Rütten, Imin Tsao.

Production: Skulptur Projekte Münster 2017

With the support of Le Kwatt production company

Alexandre Achour

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