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This isn't gonna end well is a machinery of fictional and real bodies: How do those bodies reveal themselves? Are we all involved in the plot? We see four people… The performance is thought as a succession of moments where the text meets and escapes the choreography and the fiction of the story meets the reality of the performance. In these moments slits and knots pop up, through which the spectators are invited to take a closer look at how movement exists in their perception and how choreography evokes movement as part of perception. Stop motion animation techniques is what informs the choreography - yet, here choreographed bodies almost become animated non-drawn flat images where “inbetweening” opens the space for spectators’ imagination to do the editing. Freeze! Nobody move! What is staged might be a crime, a tragedy or just a lifestyle, and the auditorium the place of the accomplice, spectator or juror. One thing is for sure this isn’t…gonna…end…

Concept & Choreography: Alexandre Achour

Artistic Collaboration: Saša Asentić

Performers:  Alexandre Achour, Saša Asentić, Daniel Belasco Rogers, Louise Bernadette Mocchia, Grayson Millwood, Eleanor Sikorski

Text part 1 Julian Crotti

Text part 2 Milan Marković

Sound: Alexandre Achour 

Light-Design: Florian Bach 

Further consultants and collaborators: Antonia Baehr, Ian Garside, Renata Gaspar, Sonja Pregrad

Coproduction: Uferstudios GmbH in the frame of the project "Life Long Burning" ( with the support of the cultural programm of the European Union.

Supported by: Compagnie Acte, OFAJ, CND Lyon, Tatwerk Berlin, Elsa Neumann Stipendium des Landes Berlin, HZT Berlin, Hochschule für Schauspielkunst "Ernst Busch".

Alexandre Achour

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