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Object the 3rd

Object the 3rd - Alexandre Achour
Object the 3rd - Alexandre Achour
Object the 3rd - Alexandre Achour
Object the 3rd - Alexandre Achour

Concept & Choreography: Alexandre Achour

Performers:  Alexandre Achour, Louise Bernadette Mocchia, Julian Crotti, Ian Garside, Eleanor Sikorski

Text written by: Julian Crotti

Music & Sound: Alexandre Achour 

Light-Design: Florian Bach 

Mentor: Antonia Baehr

Production: Hohschule übergreifendes Zentrum Tanz, Hochschule für Schauspielkunst “Ernst Busch” Berlin

Supported by: Compagnie Acte, CND Lyon


« Object the 3rd » is part of a series of performances that examined some of the constituent elements of the theatre apparatus such as light, music, space, with the aim to develop a further understanding of their role in interacting with the performance and audience. 


Physical Relations and gazes between the performers repeatidly appear to disappear almost immediately in a choreographed automated machinery of bodies. « Object the 3rd » examines how movement can exist in spectator’s perception and how choreography can evoke movement as part of perception. The spectator is gradually transitioning in perceptual activities where he/she experiences the movement outside its physical materiality to construct a world outside the movement itself. 

Alexandre Achour

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